Sunday, December 13, 2020


We all love pineapples.

Despite that they are given no thought besides taking that green crown they wear and maybe attempting to grow it... then we quickly forget about it & relegate it to some corner to grow by itself in limbo of never fruiting.

This is acceptable because, to most, pineapples haven't suffered as much in the taste department as other commercial mono cropped produce.


Yes, they have. Its just most people have never been exposed to the better alternatives. Big, sweet, edible core.... I love them, but that really is all store pineapples are. Hana, Josephine, Hilo white, heck even white jade are Mind blowingly delicious pineapple varieties that you can only experience the true bliss of if you hunt down those plants & get GROWING!

In the past couple of years there has been a huge influx of tissue culture plants hitting the market. Not just with pineapples but many fruiting plants.

This topic needs a whole post of it's own. Suffice to say, & I have the experience to say it, not the best options!! Especially with pineapples, for this article. They are often leftover garbage large growers don't want, or cheap weak plants for those who only look at the low cost. But you pay for that with slow growth & often DEATH... either way you lose, so does the small grower of rare amazing pineapples you should have bought healthy growing material from...

Sooo... you acquired some cool pineapple varieties. Now you have to wait years to get fruit!


There are some varieties that fruit very quickly; Florida landrace being 1. But full sun & care do make them all grow & fruit faster. For the types out there that naturally take longer there are ways to help our babies give up those sweet sweet  delectable fruits we just can't wait for...

Enter the reason you are now reading this crappy looking blog.. lol Who the heck needs 2-3 years to wait for their amazing pineapple to flower when we can make them move a little faster?

Its important to note that these methods do work. Its not a crazy idea that's got no merit. Larger growers have this down to an exact science. The issue comes when you're trying to find the info & ingredients to do it yourself! I hunted long, way past the first page on google search, to find very little more than the fact that pineapples like to fruit if they get gassed with some noxious fumes...

I even tried to get hold of a pineapple grower in Hawaii. My only bit of info gained was that, "we spray our pineapples, but its nontoxic to people". So that leaves us to figure this out on our own!

In my video I use calcium carbide. Its fairly easy to get hold of, and more important, is the thing most readily mentioned online to force your pine fruit to fruit. It can take a while to get it delivered, because it must be ground shipped. But no other issues.

I also found some info for use of Naphthalene acetic acid (NAA), indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) and indole-3- acetic acid (IAA). All of those are synthetic substances used to give plants a kick in the... pants... roots & promote growth. There are quite a few things I found that may, or do actually work.

Ethylene, gasoline, propane, isopropyl alcohol, rotting bananas(whole or just the peel), spoiled milk, fresh manure around the plant.... old urine, an egg placed in the center.

Basically pineapples are into some weird shit! And if turns them on enough, they get fruity.

But again, no info for actual use or amounts, timing, or if they work well or at all. So that just leaves us to figure it, my fellow plant freaks.

I just chose the one thing, calcium carbide, to try out first. It seemed the easiest of the coolest ones to try.

I will keep you guys up to date on this little experiment. If there are any good results then we can move on to more precise amounts, timing, ingredients.

Check back, follow me & GROW FOOD!

Friday, July 19, 2019

GROW! FOOD! The MOST imporatant......

A Pink Titty sweet potato.
thing you can be doing in your life right now!

This is likely preaching to the quire, on my little no name unrecognizable blog here, of all places.
But you can't hear it enough.
It gos far beyond my small operation. It literally has world resounding implications as we march into our future, and the nonstop spewing of "We can't feed the world"......
My card says, "Tefoe. Growing worlds, feeding humanity".
Can you guess my stance on things?
As it stands, there should not be a single, not one, hungry person in the US. That in the foreseeable years there is the potential for empty stomachs because of severely poor choices, is sad.

Its time now, like never before to be growing our own food. To be lighting the fires under our A** and getting everyone else in on it.

We are without a doubt about to have very poor harvest of staple grains this year. If you follow any bit of news, agricultural or otherwise, you can pick up hints of it and if you have any monochrome of sense you can see that things are not well. For what ever reason, whether it just be a fluke with the flooding going on throughout the whole middle of our country or an actual consequences of a possible Grand solar minimum that we're heading into.(Check out adapt 2030 on youtube, while you still can)
It doesn't really matter at this point. You need to be growing your own food, and know how to store it, and how to eat it. Everyone will tell you that you need to grow anything just grow something it doesn't matter what you grow. I wouldn't say that's exactly so. You've had years to learn how to grow food, and I think in the coming years that if you didn't take the time to learn it you are going to pay for that in action. You need to be growing foods that will sustain in your family and keep you going and fed when you can't run out to the store and buy whatever you're needing at that moment.
I'll say right here personally that growing your own food, growing plants in general, raising livestock like I do as well, it's not that difficult. Of course I can say that because I've done it my entire life. I've learned hands on 100% On My Own with nobody there to teach me or show me most of the time. So I'm clearly biased. But none the less if you want to learn, need to learn, the only way is to get out there and do it.

I do what I do and I love what I do, and I want nothing more than to see people growing their own food, and raising goats, and enjoying it like I do. I love nothing more than when people come and buy my plants, or buy my goats and express interest in raising their own food and bettering their lives through that.
I've held off a long time in writing about what I do and Im falling off of my commitment to write as much as I wanted. But it's not an easy thing. This, the plants & my goats, is what I do. It's hard to find time to add more to it, but this is very important. What I'm writing about right here today.
I don't know if you can see it. Most people can't; it's very hard to Fathom things not working in our world the way they're supposed to. But if you just open your eyes and look around just a little bit and ask yourself simple questions, it's there. Not only is growing your own food, growing plants, a beautiful thing, but it'll change your life. If everyone grew things to eat, being able to walk out in their yard and pick a piece of fruit or dig up as sweet potato that they were going to eat for dinner. The world would change unimaginably because everybody's Outlook would change dramatically.

Having the knowledge and know-how to be able to grow the things that we as a species need to Be Alive at the most basic levels is something that's not too common.
To talk about myself for a moment.... I think I sometimes take it for granted, or don't realize, that what I do know is quite amazing. There's very little I can't grow, very little I haven't tried to grow and the things that come with that; being able to tell you when to plant squash, when to plant the broccoli seed, or when to stick a sweet potato slip in the ground, or when a plum tree is going to flower, or if a certain fruit is going to grow in a certain area, so on...
That's a lot of knowledge and it's easy to forget that very few people can grasp it, or understand it. Even if its simply because they just haven't learned.
So hopefully you guys reading this will seriously put thought and effort and sweat into, right now, at this moment, going and growing your own food.

If you want to continue reading my inane post I am seriously going to work much harder on writing about edible plants and crops you can grow, and sharing the knowledge that I have locked away in my empty cranium. If you have questions or you want to know something ask away I've worked years to gain the knowledge that I have.
It's time that it really gets out there and I'm going to join the corps of writers, blogger/vloggers, and hopefully even if one person gained something from me writing this I think it would be worthwhile.

I have years of hands-on experience, and even though I learn something everyday from the plants & animals that grow here in Central Florida I'm very blessed to be in position to have garnered enough experience & knowledge to share.
That I have year-round growing seasons to grow something, always, all the time is amazing.
Most people can do the same thing, though. Even if you're not in an outstanding growing area most things can be grown in large pots or tubs and green houses or on porches.
I work very hard to grow high-yielding, easy to grow crops that need as little input as possible. These are the things that are going to see us through the coming years when things aren't as kosher as they've been.

Instead of working hours on end to make other people money; you just making a smidge of the smallest of percentages from what you're actually making your employer. Why not take that time and money that you would spend in going to the grocery store and buying garbage or chemically Laden crap, and grow your own?
You only live once.
Is your time better spent growing amazing food, or sitting at somebody else's desk, and making them millions compared to the half pennies they pay you in return?
Think about it. we don't have very much time left... If any....

Friday, December 7, 2018

THIS is HARD... The finding time, to do the Writing.

I have actually always, kinda enjoyed it. I've had the mind at times to write a book about something or another. When the bright idea hit last year to write about the things I do, I was all into it!
.................. That's reality. Didn't even try to give a few periods.
I honestly don't know how some of these homesteading, chicken ninja, Marjory wildcraft, permitards do it. I have the animals. I have the plants. I have the property(a nice postage stamp). I have the live in farm hand(2 year olds count). Hell, I even have years, and years of first hand, live or die, learn quick when my Brindi cow's ready to gore me for the feed bucket experience..

But finding time to share what I know & do, and even reach new customers with it has proven to be a harder endeavor than I would have thought.
Soo. I have decided to breath new life into all This, and really try to write for any poor fool who's willing to read it!

It's Tfarms, but you know, its just a part of it. Growing isn't just for plants either, and it just happens to happen in the ever getting more crowded Florida.
I may have delusions of rivaling Justin Rhodes, Mike Adams, and even ..... David the Good.
Though, the great thing is I'll be happy with just one person ready my stupid on a regular basis. haha!

Later, to my readers! I will write way more often, and I will try to figure out videos & my own website & how to make it pretty like, too.

NEXT UP! Turmeric!
I paid a guy to dig up sum 300 pounds this year!
So come back.....

Sunday, January 21, 2018

GLOBAL WARMING!... More like her bastard, Johny Deep FREEZE...

So.... I am from Massachusetts.
Lived in FL most of my life though. All in the central Florida area.
Not too often have I seen such devastation with the tropicals, and sub-tropical plants.
It just doesn't happen that often. A frost, a few times during winter is one thing. Its not
that big of a deal. A few burnt leaves, some lost fruit.....
We hit around 23 on my property the other night for over 3 hours, 25-30 the next.
It might have been colder, the damn wind doesn't help at all.

I lost mature star fruit trees to the trunk. Most of the bananas, except the largest, 20 foot
stalks, froze most of the way. They'll need to be cut back to a couple feet.
I even lost some figs and bamboo; I guess not all varieties are made of the same stuff!
 Things will regrow, but the $$ lose from the "sale" plants in pots, and bud wood, cuttings is going to be huge this year.

Take what you will from the extreme cold this winter is bringing to the US, but don't fall so readily for the shouted BS........
I'm more in the boat of a coming ice age.. ;)

The GOOD news for the time being is BABY goats!
I had triplets born & a single during the cold blast. I was a bit worried, but they pulled through fine.
They only have leantos for shelter, because We normally don't have to worry about the cold.
Guess who was named Snowman?

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Hello all!

I finally jumped in the pool, and I HAVE A BLOG!
Its a tad late, I know. Its worth reading though, I'm one of a kind!
I will share my ungarnered insights and wisdom; That nota one, beside me, out of the 8 billion of us has ever given you before.
It's either going to be a complete waste of time, or perhaps I'll get some fools to read this. ;)
I have no frickin idea what I'm doing when it comes to doing this blog+html making pages, etc. But it is like growing things, I suppose, trial and error.

To honk my horn for a moment; I'm not a novice at one part of this. Growing things.
No one can ever be a master at it, there is just too much to always learn.
But I have been growing edible plants as far back as I can remember.
Even taking a break in my late teens to breed and
sell snakes(quite the combo! Smelling flowers and having 300lbs. of green anaconda named Anna. I was hot stuff! back in the >2010)
I hopefully have enough of my own knowledge and experience to share that people will be interested, and possibly learn, and be even more inspired.

If anyone is still reading(Yur hooked! O Yeah!)
micro propagated bananas "double mohoi"

Maybe you would like to know what I might possibly write about....
I have roughly 6 acres to work with. 1 on which I raise all manner of edible(+ some very rare) & medicinal plants, a few pigs, a small herd of goats, a small human child that just learned to walk late this year, And tons of chickens.( anyone heard of the FL Peckerblacks?)
I am fascinated by the breeding and genetics, the looks, Taste(lol, I like to eat) of my work, so I do some rather serious breeding and selection of my plants and animals. Florida is an amazing state to do all of this in.
The other 5 are for my herd of miniature zebu, and growing fodder for them & the goats.
 Once I get this going and figured out, I'll be offering plants and animals too.

That bit there will give me no lack of cool things to write about.

My herd sire, Titan bull! & Cali cow, Black betty in the back.
Especially since there are not many people in FL writing about the very unique conditions that we are facing, or given, I can say too.
(david the good; filthy tuck tail'n ran turncoat trader) There aren't too many people with miniature Zebu. And, Hell, again, no one like me... Hmm narcissistic much...

Please enjoy, and come back.
I think there is a comment section too...